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LET'S make stuff

DESIGN + Motion + SPLINE Illustration VFX + LOTTIES


Space 3D, The Universe & everything in it.

Australian Geographic.

The Human Body,

What it does and how

it works.

Australian Geographic.

Dinosaurs of Australia,

An interactive children's book.

Australian Geographic.

Who am i? Can you see? Can you see?,

Written by Kate Barkat

Illustrated by

Apattra Hongsuwong

clients, FReelance, collaborations & worked at

  • M&C Saatchi

  • Optus

  • Network Ten, CBS

  • Stake

  • Australian Geographic

  • Google Chromebooks

  • MAAS (Power House Museum)

  • The Japanese Film Festival

  • The Japan Foundation

  • S1T2

  • Viewa
  • Opera Australia


UNSW, School of Art and Design

Rising Sun Pictures + Flinders University

User Research and design, Academy Xi

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