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CNN app redesign

As digital natives we are inundated with all sorts of news media content competing for our attention. During the pandemic I fell into a rabbit hole reading and watching news content. I came across the CNN app and I wanted to rethink and redesign the app to increase better engagement for the user. 

(Personal project)


Through desktop research, competitor analysis and interviews, these data points will be used to spot trends, recurring themes, problems, pain points and opportunities for the redesign. Data gathered from this will be used to guide the project along the correct path and help navigate the problem space. 


I synthesized users’ needs and made estimated assumptions on the stakeholders needs to identify how the users’ needs can meet with the business goals. Through quantitative and qualitative data I hypothesized that "Allowing users more autonomy through content selection and sharing on the app will, increase engagement metrics and paid subscriptions."

Data points

From the research I devised a persona that would be a user of the app.

Along with an empathy map and relevant data to redefine the design problem for better engagement. 

Further research into customer journey maps, MVPs and crazy 8's provided a thorough layout of the IA and user flow to help map out the new experience.

Wireframes and Lo-fi

Wireframing the flow laid out new challenges as CNN's online ecosystem was large and came with many media offerings. Ideally user testing would be an iterative process alongside wireframing and lo-fi creation so the best journey and interactions can be achieved. Furthermore, it will surface any pain points for the user and business. 

Hi-fi prototype

And viola. Below is a product birthed from falling down the rabbit hole. What kind of person am I if I don't think about retro.

So here goes. In retrospective, there is only so much one can do on their own. Interactive design and user experience is a group effort with stakeholders, engineers, PMs, designers, UX designers, CX and literally everyone who orbits CNN's online and offline ecosystem. I am grateful my friends and family lent me their time to conduct interviews and user testing on them. Without that I wouldn't have been able to put this project together.


So to close this chapter, I put together a reel of the prototype.

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